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Letters Patent appointing Lord Mayor of Oxbridge
05-30-2013, 12:56 PM
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Letters Patent appointing Lord Mayor of Oxbridge

ALEXANDRA by the Grace of God of All the Glennains and of the Glennish Dominions beyond the Seas, Queen, Defendress of the Faith, to Mr. David Oatney and to all Our loving subjects whatsoever to whom these presents shall come or to whom the same may in any wise appertain, greeting:

WHEREAS our august predecessor King James the Second of happy memory did, on the Third of May in the year 2010, publish a Charter for Our Royal Capital City at Oxbridge in the Kingdom of Hanover by virtue of which the Office of Lord Mayor of Oxbridge, Escheator, and Admiral of the Port of Oxbridge was erected and to date the said office of Lord Mayor of Oxbridge, Escheator, and Admiral of the Port of Oxbridge has remained vacant:

AND WHEREAS the aforementioned Charter permits the Sovereign to fill the vacant office of Lord Mayor of Oxbridge, &c, at times when there sit upon the common Council of Our City of Oxbridge no Aldermen and at this time no Aldermen do sit upon said Council:

AND WHEREAS We have nominated Mr. David Oatney to fill the aforementioned vacant Office of Lord Mayor of Oxbridge, Escheator, and Admiral of the Port of Oxbridge:

LET IT BE KNOWN therefore that it is now Our Will and Pleasure that Mr. David Oatney be summoned immediately by Our Lord High Chancellor to subscribe to the Affirmation of Loyalty and thereafter to take possession of the aforementioned Office of Lord Mayor of Oxbridge, Escheator, and Admiral of the Port of Oxbridge to serve in said Office during Our Royal Pleasure, enjoying any and all the rights, privileges, prerogatives, perquisites, and pre-eminences to that Office appertaining.

AND FOR THE GREATER VALIDITY AND TESTIMONY THEREOF, We do command that there be affixed hereto the Great Seal of Our Glennish Kingdoms of Hanover and of Sconeland:

AND WE DESIRE that these Presents become effective upon their publication in the Oxbridge Gazette; that what is decreed by these Presents be scrupulously observed by those whom they concern and that these Presents attain the purpose for which they are issued:

AND THAT THE EFFICACY of these Presents may not be obstructed by contrary prescriptions of any kind, We herewith abrogate all such prescriptions:

THEREFORE, if anyone, no matter what his authority, shall either knowingly or unknowingly act contrary to what We have by these Presents ordained and decreed, We command that such acts be considered entirely null and void. Moreover, no one may lawfully efface or destroy these documents of Our will; indeed, to copies of these Presents and extracts therefrom, which bear the seal of an Officer of the Crown and the signature of a public notary, there is to be accorded the very same credence that would be given to these Presents themselves if they were exhibited:

AND SHOULD ANYONE CONTEMN or in any manner whatsoever detract from these Presents, let him know that he thereby subjects himself to the penalties established by law for those who do not fulfill the commands of the Sovereign.

IN WITNESS whereof We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent.

WITNESS Ourself at Our Court at St. George’s Palace this Twenty-ninth day of May in the year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Thirteen, in the First Year of Our Reign.

Alexandra R.



His August Royal Highness The Prince James Richard Edward George, Archduke of Hanover, Lord High Steward of Hanover, Lord Great Marischal of Sconeland, Queen's Remembrancer
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