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Royal Charter For the RPGS
06-15-2010, 12:23 AM
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Royal Charter For the RPGS
JAMES THE SECOND by the Grace of God of Hanover, Sconeland, and Cambria King, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith to all Our Loving Subjects Whatsoever to Whom these Presents shall come,


WHEREAS a Petition has been presented to Us by various of Our Loving Subjects praying Us to erect for the purposes of providing greater security within the electronic public fora a police force dedicated to that purpose, and to grant a Charter with such appropriate provisions therein in that behalf as shall seem to Us meet and fit:

AND WHEREAS We have taken the said Petition into Our Royal consideration and are minded to accede thereto:

NOW THEREFORE KNOW YE that We by Virtue of Our Royal Prerogative in that behalf and all other powers enabling Us so to do of Our special grace, certain knowledge, and mere motion by these Presents do for Us, Our Heirs and Successors, grant, will, direct, and ordain as follows:

There shall be from henceforth for ever in Our Capital City of Oxbridge and other cities and places wherein it shall seem convenient to establish offices therefore a police service for the provision of security within the electronic public fora to be known by the name and style of "The Royal Park and Garden Service" (hereafter RPGS), the objects of which are:

1. The monitoring and policing of the electronic public fora
2. The review of the statuses of electronic public fora user accounts
3. The enforcement of laws, rules, and protocols pertaining to the use of the electronic public fora
4. The public posting of laws, rules, and protocols pertaining to the use of the electronic public fora
5. The activation, deactivation, suspension, and deletion of electronic public fora user accounts
6. The general maintenance of the King's Peace within the electronic public fora

The RPGS shall be a subsidiary branch of Our Royal Navy and shall be presided over by an officer to be appointed by Us by Letters Patent on the advice of Our Lord High Admiral, which officer shall be known as the "King's Remembrancer and High Commissioner of the Royal Park and Garden Service" (hereafter the "King's Remembrancer") and who shall render advice to Us on all matters pertaining to the security of the electronic public fora:

In addition to the King's Remembrancer We may, from time to time as We shall think fit, appoint subordinate officers to be known as "sheriffs" to assist the King's Remembrancer in the execution of his duties in any or all of the counties of Hanover, Sconeland, or Cambria as We shall deem needful:

The King's Remembrancer shall appoint from time to time as he shall think fit members of the RPGS other than officers, who shall be called "constables", and who shall be appointed to assist the sheriffs in the keeping of the King's Peace:

The King's Remembrancer may establish ranks within the constabulary as he shall think fit and may promote, or demote, members of the constabulary as shall seem appropriate to him:

Statutes of the RPGS shall regulate the performance of the duties of officers of the same, the filling of vacancies among the members and all other matters relative to the administration of the RPGS which it may be thought are proper to be so regulated:

The King's Remembrancer may add to, amend, alter, or repeal the Statutes from time to time in force and the power to make Statutes shall not be limited by or with reference to existing or any subsequent Statutes or the several subject matters therein dealt with:

Any Statutes to be hereinafter made which are not repugnant to the provisions of this Charter or the Laws of Our Realm shall be operative and have effect when allowed by Us or by any Committee of Our Most Honourable the Privy Council and not before. Such allowance shall be conclusive evidence of the Statutes so allowed being authorised by the provisions of this Charter:

The King's Remembrancer may from time to time make standing orders for governing subject to these presents and the Statutes of the RPGS the proceedings of those bodies respectively. The power to make standing orders shall include the power to add to, amend alter or repeal any theretofore made:

The King's Remembrancer may at any time alter or amend or add to these presents and their provisions by a Special Resolution in that behalf and such alteration, amendment, or addition shall, when allowed by Us Our Heirs or Successors under the sign manual or otherwise as We or They shall deem meet, become effectual so that these presents shall thenceforward continue and operate as though they had been originally granted and made as so altered amended or added to as aforesaid. This Article of these presents shall apply to this Charter as altered amended or added to in manner aforesaid. A Special Resolution means a Resolution passed and confirmed in the manner provided by the Statutes of the RPGS:

Our Royal Will and Pleasure is that these presents shall ever be construed benevolently and in every case most favourably to the RPGS and the promotion of the objects of this Our Charter:

And for the greater validity and testimony thereof, we do command that there be affixed hereto the Great Seals of Our Kingdoms of Hanover and of Sconeland and of Cambria:

And We desire that these Presents be effective now and in the future; that what is decreed by these Presents be scrupulously observed by those whom they concern and that these Presents attain the purpose for which they are issued:

And that the efficacy of these Presents may not be obstructed by contrary prescriptions of any kind, We herewith abrogate all such prescriptions:

Therefore, if anyone, no matter what his authority, shall either knowingly or unknowingly act contrary to what We have by these Presents ordained and decreed, We command that such acts be considered entirely null and void. Moreover, no one may lawfully efface or destroy these documents of Our will; indeed, to copies of these Presents and extracts therefrom, which bear the seal of an Officer of the Crown and the signature of a public notary, there is to be accorded the very same credence that would be given to these Presents themselves if they were exhibited:

And should anyone contemn or in any manner whatsoever detract from these Presents, let him know that he thereby subjects himself to the penalties established by law for those who do not fulfill the commands of the Sovereign:

This Our Charter shall come into force on such date as it shall be published by Our Chancery in Our Royal Gazette:

IN WITNESS whereof We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent.

WITNESS Ourself at St. George's this Fourteenth day
of June in the year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Ten, the Second Year of Our Reign.

James R.



His August Royal Highness The Prince James Richard Edward George, Archduke of Hanover, Lord High Steward of Hanover, Lord Great Marischal of Sconeland, Queen's Remembrancer
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