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Important Notice.
05-26-2010, 11:20 PM
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Important Notice.

The Royal Park & Garden Service

Welcome to the Forums of the Glennish Realms of Hanover and Sconeland.

As with any other kingdom, ours is governed by rules and laws. These rules and laws apply to the use of the public forums. Please read this notice carefully before attempting to register a user account.

What are the Forums of Glennain?

This discussion board is maintained primarily for the conduct of the business of government, however various fora have been provided as a courtesy to the public wishing to interact with one another.

While these electronic fora sometimes represent our principal vehicle of communication with one another, the fora, themselves, are not the nation. Glennain is comprised of people, not of electronic fora, and our people communicate with one another in many different ways. If you are attempting to communicate with a Glennish subject and he or she does not respond to your post instantly, please do not imagine calamity. Some of His Majesty's subjects have not even registered user accounts with this board. If you look about and notice that no posting activity has occurred in these fora in rather a long time, do not jump to the absurd conclusion that we are all dead and that the Glennish Crown is now yours for the taking. We do not "live" in these fora; some of us merely use them, sometimes, to communicate.

Requesting Account Activation

Individuals desiring to activate their forum accounts must send an email entitled "Glennain Account Activation" to the following email address:

Your email should provide us with your name and your reasons for wishing to have an active forum user account.

Emails that are not entitled "Glennain Account Activation" or which fail to provide the information requested will be deleted without response.

Selecting a User Name

When selecting a forum account user name, bear in mind that this community is a monarchy, not a circus, and there are some things up with which we shall not put.

In the first place, be sure to avoid single-word names such as "harmsworth" or "maryEllen". If you do that, our forum administrators are apt to assume you're just a spammer or a trickster and you'll only end up being blocked or permanently banned. You should use your genuine full name, ideally, properly capitalized.

For example: "William J. Warren III" or "Fiona Hayworth" (note that there are spaces between the words).

Do not include appellations such as "Mr.", "Mrs.", "Dr.", "Rev.", "Rt. Hon." and so forth. Also, do not include post-nominal lettres such as "MD", "PhD", or "Esq". Just your full name, thank you.

If you are already a subject of these realms and have been honoured with a knighthood or a peerage title, your user name should be modified to reflect as much.

For example: "Sir William Warren" or "Baroness Hayworth".

If you hold several peerage ranks and titles, use your highest rank and title. For example, a peer who is both "Earl of Tweed" and "Baron Newcastle" would use "Earl of Tweed" (or "The Earl of Tweed") as his forum user name.

Members of the immediate Royal Family and other royalty entitled to the style "Royal Highness" are respectfully advised to make use of the abbreviation "HRH" at the beginning of their user account names, if possible.

For example: "HRH The Prince Edward" or "HRH The Countess of Kent".

If the addition of "HRH" causes your style to become too long to fit as a User Account name, you may either drop "the" as necessary, or leave off the use of "HRH" if it becomes impossible to arrange.

For example: "HRH Princess Alexandra Victoria" instead of "HRH The Princess Alexandra Victoria", or "(The) Duke of Heatherington-Albright" instead of "HRH The Duke of Heatherington-Albright".

If you intend to become a citizen using a permanent alias, then use that name as your forum user name.

If you are a visitor registering an account using a permanent alias, be advised that once you select an alias, or opt to use your genuine name, that name is yours for good as far as this board is concerned. You may not change it later, unless you become a citizen and opt to register citizenship under another name. No exceptions will be made.

NB: Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to create multiple user accounts for yourself. To do so is strictly prohibited. Forum users who have already done so are asked to delete all but one of their accounts and to make sure that the account which they keep is compliant with these protocols. The RPGS is fully empowered to delete superfluous user accounts and will not hesitate to do so. Violators of this policy will quickly find themselves encountering suspension and banning issues.

Absurd user name choices such as "George Washington" or "Lady Gaga" will not be indulged by the forum administrators. Your user name must reflect your own identity, not that of some historical figure or celebrity.

User name choices that imply a distinction that one has not been accorded by the Hanoverian or Sconnish authorities will be rejected. For example, if you are not a member of this kingdom's Royal Family or Peerage but you select a user name such as "Princess Rosemary" or "Lord Tiggywinkle", your user name choice will be rejected. Or, for example, if you hold the office of, say, Prime Minister in another community, do not style yourself that way here, where you are not the Prime Minister.

Finally, do not incorporate public offices into your user name. You may be "Prime Minister of Hanover" today, but one day you won't be any longer. If you wish to indicate your temporary office or offices, do so with your signature, not with your user name.


With respect to signatures, do not include any styles, titles, or offices that you do not possess as a member of this community. For example, it is irrelevant to this community that you are "Treasurer of the Greater Glasgow Area Chamber of Commerce" or "Dean of Student Admissions, University of Toronto" or "Governor of Alaska". Include only styles that you hold by virtue of your citizenship here. For example: "Lord High Chancellor of Hanover & Sconeland" or "His Majesty's Secretary of State for the Environment" or "Lord Mayor of Oxbridge".

Do not develop a signature that is three paragraphs long and filled with rubbish. Include only your most relevant styles. Do not list irrelevant facts (or fictions) such as "My Official Residence is called Blenheim Palace after Winston Churchill's Home" (who cares?) or statements like "57 Chevys Rock". When you type a business letter do you include random stray facts in your signature? Then don't do so here. Your signature is not an opportunity for you to flaunt your eccentricity or to advertise your personal predilections; it is a tool by which to let everyone else know who you are. Just feature your name and your relevant titles and offices, please; nothing more.


Ideally, one will use one's own portrait as one's avatar, although to do so is by no means a requirement. One may use one's family crest or one's coat of arms, or some suitably historic or elegant image. At any rate, do bear in mind the character and aesthetics of this community when selecting an avatar. Images that detract from the appearance of the board, such as "hentai" or "anime" pictures, cartoons, or any other such vulgarities must be avoided. Show some sense of decorum, please.

Persons failing to follow any of the instructions given above will not be eligible to have their accounts activated.

Existing forum users who violate these guidelines will be warned once before having their accounts temporarily suspended until all they are fully compliant with these guidelines. The user accounts of unrepentant violators will be permanently suspended.

If you have any questions concerning this notice or any of the details thereof, please direct your questions to the email address shown above.

Thank you for your interest in our community, and for your cooperation.

His August Royal Highness The Prince James Richard Edward George, Archduke of Hanover, Lord High Steward of Hanover, Lord Great Marischal of Sconeland, Queen's Remembrancer
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05-02-2013, 04:26 PM
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RE: Important Notice.
PLEASE NOTE: It is no longer possible to activate accounts for this forum. We herewith direct all users to the Facebook page for the Kingdoms of Hanover and Sconeland:

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