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Hanoverians are a diverse lot, and each of them brings an important element to the nation. Click on a photo to learn more.

Prince of Emden Archbishop of Bergen Monsignor McQueeny
Count of Damoneigh Sir Aderyn John Gribbin
The Monsignor McQueeny

About the Monsignor McQueeny

McQueeny came to Hanover and quickly distinguished himself as a productive citizen in the field of Heraldry where he elevated the visual presentation of the kingdom to new heights.

Building on that success McQueeny was created Lord Oldenburg where he used his peerage to further the development of the nation both in the field of law and in international relationships. As an emmisary of His Majesty Lord Oldenburg was entrusted with many of the most sensitive negotiatons.

McQueeny left the peerage and returned to common life to take up the needs of the church full time and now serves in that capacity.

The Monsignor resides in the United States, in Kansas.