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Hanoverians are a diverse lot, and each of them brings an important element to the nation. Click on a photo to learn more.

Prince of EmdenArchbishop of BergenMonsignor McQueeny
Count of DamoneighSir AderynJohn Gribbin
Mr. John Gribbin

About the Mr. John Gribbin, Keeper of the Gold Stick

Mr. John Gribbin is the perfect choice of the Keeper of the Golden Stick, who is responsible for the personal safety of His Majesty, due to his extensive military training and duty in the United States Marine Corps.

John Gribbin is a family man, and with his wife, is busy raising a family of 5 children. His youngest having arrived in mid 2007.

His relationship to the Royal family is more than professional, as His Majesty attended his wedding, and they often go to lunch during the work week.

The Gribbins make their home only a few miles from the Royal family in Florida, USA.