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All Hanoverians are Interesting:

Hanoverians are a diverse lot, and each of them brings an important element to the nation. Click on a photo to learn more.

Prince of Emden Archbishop of Bergen Monsignor McQueeny
Count of Damoneigh Sir Aderyn John Gribbin
Count of Damoneigh

About the Second Count of Damoneigh

Damoneigh is one of the oldest citizens in the Kingdom, even before His Majesty.

Lord Dreesbach has always been a force for preserving the history of the commonwealth of the nation, even to the point of once having been a legate for one of the Royal Dominions.

Lord Dreesbach is following his dream of making a career in electronic engineering and is currently following an intensive course of studyin addition to his duties to the Kingdom. Lord Dreesbach is the leading member of Hanoverians intersted in German culture and advocates the local entities.

The Residence for Lord Dreesbach is The Schönbrunn Palace, which was designated a palace when the Count was adopted by the House of Gagarin. Lord Dreesbach was named Furst von Silesia and GrossHerzog von Wuerttemburg within the former Kingdom of Calormen now the County of Laitenburgh. In order to sit as a Lord in the former House of Lords he was voluntarily emancipated from the Royal family. The Lord retained the title of Furst von Silesia and GrossHerzog von Wuerttemburg, but does not use it outside the County of Latienburgh. The hanoverian title COunt of Damoneigh takes precedence

The Second count of Damoneigh makes his home in Texas, USA.