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Hanoverians are a diverse lot, and each of them brings an important element to the nation. Click on a photo to learn more.

Prince of Emden Archbishop of Bergen Monsignor McQueeny
Count of Damoneigh Sir Aderyn John Gribbin
The Archbishop of Bergen

About the Archbishop of Bergen

Vulstanius, the Archbishop of Bergen, came to Hanover as a result of a friendship he has with the Monsignor McQueeny. The Church of Hanover was in desperate need of qualified clerical assistance and quickly rose through the ranks to his the pennical position he holds now.

Vulstanius, aside from his spiritual duties, is an active participant in the kings parliament, discussing the various pieces of legislation.

In his daily life the Archbishop, along with the prayers and other observances, strives to lift man kind a little bit higher each day by helping those less fortunate than himself, comforting those in distress and counsellings those who seek his guidance. Vulstanius is often heard to say these words "I'm not a saint, but that doesn't excuse me from striving for it."