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Hanoverians are a diverse lot, and each of them brings an important element to the nation. Click on a photo to learn more.

Prince of Emden Archbishop of Bergen Monsignor McQueeny
Count of Damoneigh Sir Aderyn Sir John
Sir Aderyn

About the Sir Aderyn of the Most Illustrious Order of the Act

Sir Aderyn has been one of the most productive members of the Kingdom having served each monarch in the History of Hanover

Sir Aderyn is very focused on international issues and aften advises His Majesty on topics of foreign policy.

Sir Aderyn was the first to stand behind His Majesty in the effort to make the New Bergen colony an effort and has put in much time to see to the details, such as the design of the assembly building.

Sir Aderyn makes his home in Australia where he is very involved in local civic events.